“Power” by Kanye West, featuring Dwele

After a failed effort with the auto-tune in  808’s and Heartbreak, Kanye West is back to reclaim his place on the Hip Pop charts. His new single, “Power,” was leaked on the Internet last Friday and has been bumpin’ all over the cyber world. It features one of my favorite artists, Dwele, and showcases  Kanye’s biggest strengths– a lot of shit talking, shameless self-glorification, a Chicago drawl and a powerhouse sound. Since dissin’ Taylor Swift (which, I think, was the best thing for her career), West has been laying low, but with the release of “Power,”  Kanyeezy announces loud and clear that he’s fully rested and ready to take back center stage.

His next  album Good Ass Job is rumored to feature collaborations with Hip Hop giants Pete Rock, RZA and Q-Tip, and is expected to release in September. It has been reported that Maya Angelou, Gil-Scott Heron and Nina Simone are big influences to the upcoming album. As a shameless fan of Kanye West (yes, he’s an asshole, but, for the most part, he kills it in the studio), I look forward to what he has for us, but he better not funk up a Nina Simone song, or I’m gonna be mad.

“Power” by Kanye West featuring Dwele (if you push play and it sounds funny, it’s not the correct song- the label has been taking some of the songs down)


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