Please Mind the Gap (in my blog); I’ve Been Trying to Close the Achievement Gap (in education)

Nothing More Fly than My World Class Scholars

The last time I wrote on here, Kanyeezy’s single, “Power,” had been “leaked” to the webosphere. Snap. When I got accepted into Teach For America (TFA), many things I enjoy  had to take a vacation, or, staycation, of sorts. Too be honest, I’ve been embarrassed with how long I’ve been separated from my page. It’s awkward when friends ask “Hey, when are you going to write something else for your blog?” or, “Remember when you had a blog?” Ouch.

Since my last entry, I’ve been sucked into TFA-land, where—like in many instances of my life—I don’t neatly fit in, as I do not agree with some of the choices TFA makes (particularly around issues of race, or “diversity,” as people like to sugarcoat the ‘r’ word). I have also completed an accelerated credential program, as well as my first year of teaching fourth grade at Rise Community School in East Oakland. Teaching full time has been a humbling, and rewarding experience. My students have been so fly and so amazing, my principal inspiring and supportive, and my fellow corps members and OUSD teachers… a hodgepodge of a lot of things.

Though my voice has not been present on the web-waves, I have, like any real Hip Hop feminist, continued to take the mic, and talk about Hip Hop to those who will listen… including my fly, fourth graders. I, however, have missed writing about it. So,here I am… back on the blogosphere. I hope that this round, our courtship will be longer, and further explored.

(For your listening pleasure– The Hip Hop Teacher’s Anthem, as well as the inspiration to our class pledge)


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