Reading Black Women: “Gurrrl, You Have to Read This! The 2013 CLUTCH Reading Challenge”

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“Gurrrl, You Have to Read This”

It’s very fitting that my first blog of 2013 is about books written by Black women… well actually it’s a link to Tami Winfrey Harriss’ piece on Clutch Magazine, where she has compiled a list of 100 books written by Black women. She crafted the list by asking people on Twitter, and Facebook to name some of their favorite books written by Black women. Using the top 100 books that were most frequently named, she has created a reading challenge for viewers to read as many books from the list as they can in 2013. The list includes some of my favorite authors: Nikki Giovanni, Alice Walker, bell hooks, Audre Lorde, and Zadie Smith, but there are many books and/ or authors I have yet to explore. I’ve read 27 of the books- a little disappointed, but that number will change soon enough. Though I’m part of another Book Club that is compiled by close friends, I’m going to take on this challenge, and record my thoughts on the blog in the “Reading While Black” section.

I’m even including my lovely students! Coincidently, One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia— a children’s novel I had planned on having my 5th grade scholars read this quarter– is on the list.

Here’s to reading and writing about it in 2013! Click here if you’d like to get your Black-women-read-on too.