WATCH Ava Duverney’s short film THE DOOR

ava duvernay

Put 10 minutes aside to watch  “The Door”– a beautiful short film by Ava DuVernay. Your welcome.

DuVernay– who, last Spring, was the first Black woman to win the Best Director Prize at Cannes for Middle of Nowhere— has teamed up with Miu Miu for their second short film series called “Women’s Tales.” Inspired by “the transformative power of female bonds,” as well as the power of fashion, DuVernay’s film showcases pain, healed by female love, and personal renewal. Dialogue is replaced by gentle, yet soulful melodies and lyrics, as music is the character moving this film forward. DuVernay’s attention to aesthetics, and detail leaves you breathless, as you create your own dialogue for each character.

Oh, and the characters! DuVernay brought it when it came to her casting: Gabrielle Union plays the lead, and is supported by Alfre Woodard, Adepero Oduye, Emayatzy Corinealdi and Goapele. While this story follows the protagonist as she comes out of her pain, the characters, combined with DuVernay’s choices in scenery, sound, and fashion, make each scene feel like a cinematic treat.

The Black female synergy in this short female has me thinking: What would it look like for cinema, if Ava DuVernay, and Black women directors like her (she’s not the only one with all of this talent!), received the clout, and money for more films, they deserve? What stories would get told about Black women in cinema?Oooh- and what if a Black woman director was the one behind the Nina Simone project— how would the story, and casting change? What stories about Black women would get told, overall, if Black women were the ones who got to write, direct, and publicize their own story?


2 thoughts on “WATCH Ava Duverney’s short film THE DOOR

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