FACES: Gloria Anzaldua


Have you ever come across a face you’re immediately attracted to, but don’t know why? A face– whether in person or via a photograph- that brings instant comfort, peace, assurance? Today, I looked up Gloria Anzaldua, the activist/author of my Book Clubs’ next choice, Borderlands/ La Frontera: The New Mestiza. For me, Gloria Anzaldua’s name is as familiar as Angela Davis, bell hooks, Gloria Steinman, and other great feminists/ womanists who’ve been the voice of the voiceless. But Gloria Anzaldua’s face is one I couldn’t have recalled with such certainty as I can now.

When I searched her image this evening, I was immediately drawn in by her smirk, both childish and wise, and her eyes marking secrets she’s wiling to share to the most special people.  The unexpected familiarity and comfort of her image (that I had seen before, but had only moved me now) reminded me of the sly way in which our ancestors come to communicate with us in, sometimes, abrupt ways. She has passed on to the other life, but I look forward to uncovering the messages– the teachings– she has left for me in writing.

Have you ever been moved by the image of a “stranger” whose image felt strangely familiar?


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