Top 3: My Happy Things (September)

1. Settling into Home. We moved into our new apartment a little more than a month ago, and prior to that, we were “homeless” for a month. Visiting London and staying in our friend’s flat, is plane rides away from being down and out Dickensian-style, but there was some feeling of unsettlement, to say the least. Now, we are home. Furniture is in place, (many of the) books are on shelves, and our ancestors are smiling at us from our walls. My writing space is set up, and that feels right. I don’t have a room of my own (yet) for writing, but I have a space of my own, and that will have to do until I reach Virginia Woolf-status.

2. Dear White People: A Satire About Being a Black Face in a White Place. I’ve  followed this film since its kickstarter days and I’m thrilled to learn it will have a large release, Friday, October 17th. I get chills when I watch the previews. It appears to take on multiple perspectives of multifaceted Black college students who attend a predominately white university. There will surely be those who find the film offensive, simply because some people get all shook up any time you say “white people.” I’m hoping, however, it will illicit meaningful conversations around race. And if it doesn’t, at least there will be a film that features Black folks in college, other than School Daze (I love that movie).

I plan on writing a response to the film as soon as I see it, so stay tuned! Until then, watch the trailer and skip the comments (unless you’re in the mood for a lot of eye-rolling).

3. My Fifth Graders. I’m feel at ease with my group of scholars this year. They’re trying to act grown, since their “Fifth Grade Leaders.” But, they still love listening to me read to them, and they’re eating up the Superhero Unit we’ve been doing. Their love for books is infectious, and if they’re not making me laugh, they’re teaching me patience and leadership.

Now, don’t get me wrong. This time last year, this same group (I looped up with my fourth graders, which means I have the same group of students I had last year), had my stress levels escalated. Half the group spent most of third grade with a substitute teacher, which meant they were far behind academically, as well as emotionally. But, this year, they know what’s up, or as a couple of parents have said, they know: “Ms. Peters don’t play.” We still have many hills to crawl and then climb, but at least we all get each other—with our flaws, quirks, and specific needs–We. Are. Family.