Happy Mothers Day, To The Mother Who Started This Blog About Race

It’s Mothers Day, today, and I’m compelled to go off topic a bit from my usual discussion around race and simply post a picture of my Mommy.

But, maybe, it’s not so off topic to post a picture of my mother on a blog that centers race. Especially when considering that my ability and necessity to discuss race began with toddler discussions around identity with her.

It is my Mommy who taught me to counteract people’s curiously rude questions on my identity with answers of pride. It was my mother who demanded I love my curls, my skin tone, my features. Before I reached for my  auntcestors– Maya, Alice, and Toni–my Mommy put me on the game of racism, warning me of what was to come, defending me when she saw it coming. And when she didn’t know the answers, she brought me to people who could relate to me racially, and handed me books by James Baldwin.

I meet people who are still fearful to discuss race… particularly across races. But, it was my mother- who is read as white and is mostly white (she’s 1/4 East Indian) who continues to teach me how to discuss race across differences.

If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t even have this blog.

So, I guess posting a picture of her– one that celebrates  a journey she is conquering that knows no race– is quite fitting, and even kind of traditional considering my posts with the most tractions are the ones I wrote for her a few Mothers Days Ago….#HappyMothersDay


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