Who I’m Listening To: FKA Twigs (Not Appropriate for Children)

I’ve been listening to a lot of FKA Twigs lately. So much so that I recently had a dream that I was playing, “Two Weeks” for my Fifth Graders, and  just as she was whisper-singing, “Higher than a motherfucker, dreamin’ of it, it’s my lovin’ (Open your heart),” someone from Oakland Unified School District walked into my classroom and looked at me with a face of much judgement. 

Fortunately, I know better than to play FKA Twigs for a young audience– her soft voice is kissed with a lot of raunchiness–but she has been the soundtrack to my drive to and from work. What’s there not to like about her? Her sound is intricate, and although her voice is delicate, it inhibits a sharp, strong quality. And with her double buns, gelled-out baby hair, and mixed background, she’s reminiscent of my teenage self (only smaller). Oh, and she’s British. I’m both jealous and wooed by this happenstance. I’m looking forward to seeing her perform at The Warfield in San Francisco in November, but until then, let’s enjoy FKA Twig’s visual homage to Aaliyah’s appearance in  Queen of the Damned with her video for “Two Weeks.”